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Vihertaso is a veteran in landscaping business with a history of close to 40 years. The reference list of well delivered projects is long and wide. Vihertaso serves construction companies and apartment houses in construction projects under the flag of Vihertaso. Greener-name is used when the company carries out groundskeeping and smaller projects.

Greener business was previously a part of Helsingin Kukkatoimitus, the biggest flower wholesaler in Finland. The business found a more natural home under the roof of Vihertaso.

Key information

For the greener grass
Landscaping and groundskeeping
70 (at the height of the summer)
Hanna-Kaisa Javanainen
5 M€
Growth in entrepreneurial change:
218 %
Vantaa and Tampere
Ownership change:
100% of the stock
JATKAJA-contact person:
Mathias Calonius p. 0500 424 090
JATKAJA, Esa Lahtinen and Hanna-Kaisa Javanainen
JATKAJA started together with Vihertaso’s founder Esa Lahtinen to plan the future of the company in the fall of 2019. It was the time to find the new leader for the company. JATKAJA led the search and the new entrepreneur Hanna-Kaisa started early in the year 2019. Hanna-Kaisa has picked up his toolset from the department of industrial engineering and management at Aalto University and done her career at Skanska and Nokia. In addition to financing, JATKAJA brings into Vihertaso its knowledge of modern leadership and utilizing digitalization in developing internal operation and customer experience.
Vihertaso’s plan is to become Finland’s leading provider in landscaping and groundskeeping in terms of the service offering and operations. The realization of the plan happens by utilizing better the knowledge of the employees, by systemizing digitally the operations and by actively giving employees opportunities to be involved in the development of the company.
Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki
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