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About us

We are three active owners with entrepreneurial backgrounds. Our work careers have consisted of creating and growing successful companies. We use our knowledge and expertise at JATKAJA to ensure continuity and to create a growth oriented future for the companies of aging entrepreneurs.

We want to actualize an entrepreneurial Finland with our work, where self-initiative, perseverance and a good work ethic is valued. We want to defend companies created by previous entrepreneurial generation, not only to ensure their continuity but also to grow and internationalize them. We believe people are happiest when they are able to define their own paths: entrepreneurship is an excellent opportunity for this.


photo of Martin Grotenfelt

Martin Grotenfelt

Martin is from an entrepreneurial family in Helsinki. Martin has 20 years of experience in private equity, management consulting and corporate finance. Martin has acted as the CFO of Maintpartner group, an investor and a partner at Altor and Intera as well as a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group. Martin has a wife and three children. Various sports, culture and conservation of the Baltic Sea are part of Martin’s leisure time. Martin holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management.
photo of Markus Huttunen

Markus Huttunen

Markus has focused for almost all of his 20 years long professional career to speed up the growth of companies through digitalization. Markus was the founding partner at Magenta Advisory, the leading digitally focused management consulting company in the Nordics. Eventually he led the sale of the company to Bearing Point. During his free time Markus pays homage to food: looks for the ingredients from the nature, fishes with his son, make best use of the frying pan and the dinner table. Once in a while he can also be spotted on the slopes with skis or on a bike. Markus holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management.
photo of Mathias Calonius

Mathias Calonius

Mathias has been leading and internationalizing Futurice, one of the most successful digital consulting companies, for 14 years. During this time the company grew organically from 10 people to an international company with a headcount of over 500. His roles was to set-up many of the core businesses and competence areas. Concurrently Mathias operated as an advisor to many of the leading companies in their respective fields both in Finland and abroad. Hobby level football, crossfit and tennis are close to Mathias’s heart, but also putting worms into the hooks of his children’s fishing rods. Mathias holds a master’s degree in industrial engineering and management as well as in social sciences.
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