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For future entrepreneurs

We help driven professionals with entrepreneurial aspirations to move successfully to run existing well functioning SMEs as the new entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship through acquisition is proven to be faster and less risky path to become an entrepreneur in comparison to founding a new start-up. JATKAJA looks for companies in an entrepreneurial transition phase, but we also help professionals with entrepreneurial aspirations to evaluate the companies they have found and to carry through the transactions. We take responsibility to evaluate and understand the companies, we structure and organize the financing and are prepared to commit to the companies as active longterm owners.
We continue helping the new entrepreneurs after the entrepreneurial transition to grow the business. The support typically focuses on business planning, leading with data, digitalization, professional governance, financing the growth, mergers and acquisition and building the structures for growth.

Stories from our new entrepreneurs

photo of Hanna-Kaisa Javanainen

Hanna-Kaisa Javanainen

CEO, Greener Group

Hanna-Kaisa started as the entrepreneur and the CEO of Greener Group in the spring of 2019. Hanna-Kaisa is by education a Master of Science and done her career in working for the corporations such as Nokia, Microsoft and Skanska for 15 years before becoming an entrepreneur.

”I felt challenging development assignments in corporations very interesting, but I repeatedly caught myself thinking how the situation would look like from the point of view of an entrepreneur or the head of the business unit.”, tells Hanna-Kaisa from her own background. “The idea of becoming an entrepreneur has been there growing in the background for a longer time. It sprung from the desire to understand and lead bigger business entities instead of narrow areas”, she continues.
“Moving into becoming the entrepreneur in Greener Group has been a a great challenge and a great opportunity for personal growth. The position lets me concurrently utilize my strengths in problem solving, to try out the known best practices in the management field. It also lets me challenge myself every day how to lead a company. Becoming an entrepreneur has been a master class of leadership and management. Every day I learn something from customers, employees, the previous entrepreneurs and JATKAJA. The industry is as good as it gets: we are making the world greener and life more pleasant for people”, concludes Hanna-Kaisa on her experiences at Greener Group.
photo of Mikael Ylijoki

Mikael Ylijoki

CEO, NeXec

Mikael has acted as the entrepreneur and CEO of NeXec from the spring 2020. Mikael educational background consist of master degrees from both technical and business universities, which has led him into a 20 year career in technology and commercialization. Basware and Elisa are among the previous employers.

”I have had a longtime dream to become an entrepreneur and to be fully responsible for both my own and my team’s activities and results”, explains Mikael of his career move. “In NeXec many topics come together in one package: a committed and capable team, an attractive industry, sound growth opportunities and the possibility to be an owner in a good company”, Mikael continues.
”Entrepreneurship is not an individual sport. At NeXec the key staff as well as the board members are all owners and we create together the entrepreneurial team. The team has a common desire to advance the company created by the previous entrepreneurs to the next level” tells Mikael of being the new entrepreneur. “Although we were handed over an already great company, from our point of view we are only in the beginning of this growth story and I am very excited to get actualize it together with our team!”
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