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NeXec has grown in its 15 years of operation into one of the most significant providers of process, ICT and management consulting services with an agile and scalable network based model. The company helps to carry through demanding programs and projects for its client companies on change, technology and digitalization. NeXec serves many of Finland’s biggest corporations and organisations.

One of the two previous entrepreneurs Tapio Niskanen
JATKAJA has been driving a generational change as NeXec’s previous entrepreneurs Tapio Joenpolvi and Tapio Niskanen have gradually moved into retirement. The transition has included the expansion of the ownership base.

Key information

Network of Experts x Enterprise Change
6 + 70 (entrepreneurs employed in client projects)
Mikael Ylijoki
13 M€
Growth in entrepreneurial change:
11 %
Ownership change:
100% of the stock
JATKAJA-contact person:
Markus Huttunen p. 040 357 3346
JATKAJA has carried out a planned generational change together with the previous entrepreneurs Tapio Joenpolvi and Tapio Niskanen since the fall 2019. The change has included an ownership arrangement, searching for the new entrepreneurs, ensuring the continuity both with clients and delivery partners and sharpening the company’s future plans. JATKAJA has strongly supported the new management, inter alia, Markus Huttunen operated as the interim CEO during the transition period.
NeXec’s future plans include strong organic growth by expanding the customer base and offering, developing professional network and partnership model, digitalizing support processes and going international.
Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki
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