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Ylöjärvi, 22.5.2019

JATKAJA to join in to develop Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu and to ensure its continuity

Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvleu has during its 30 years of operations become the most significant company providing chimney sweeping and ventilation system maintenance. The company serves yearly over 10 000 home owners, apartment buildings, client companies and public operators. The company operates for the benefit and satisfaction of its clients for the long term. Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu Oy has strengthened its owner base to hold on to its principles in the changing regulatory environment to ensure the quality of the work and the long term benefit of the clients.

“The changes in the chimney sweeping laws that took effect in the beginning of the year will change the market substantially”, tells Jyri Sihvo, the company founder and CEO. “We want to see the change as an opportunity and to lead with example how a company can improve the quality of its services towards its customers. This will require new investments”, continues Sihvo.

The transaction brought JATKAJA, a development company focusing on generational change and entrepreneurial continuity, as the majority owner of Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu Oy. With JATKAJA gains Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu experience in mergers and acquisitions, modern scale-up entrepreneurship and utilizing digitalization to improve the operational efficiency, customer experience and new services.

”The market of chimeny sweeping and to provide healthy air quality indoors is interesting due to the regulatory changes”, tells Markus Huttunen, a partner at JATKAJA and the chairman of the board of Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu. “We believe that we can develop Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu to be at the forefront of the industry. Futhermore it pleases us to be able to support Jyri in a controlled transition from a role of a fulltime entrepreneur CEO to become an active board member”, adds Huttunen.

Jyri Sihvo will continue as the CEO of Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu up until the summer of 2020. The search is ongoing to find a person to take over his role. Sihvo will continue in the company as a minority owner after the summer of 2020 to ensure the continuity of the operations and to bring his extensive experience of the industry to suppor the development of the company.

Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu Oy ( was founded in 1989 to deliver chimney sweeping, ventilation system maintenance, oil burner and ventilation channel maintenance and repair services in Pirkanmaa region. Company customers are consumers with detached houses, apartment houses, companies and publicly owned operations. The company turnover is a bit shy of 1.0 million euros.

JATKAJA ( is a development and investment company that ensures the continuity in entrepreneur run SMEs. JATKAJA actively participates in the development of the companies and invests for the long term. JATKAJA has an extensive experience on scale-up entrepreneurship, internationalization, renewal and digitalization.

Further information:

Jyri Sihvo
CEO, Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu Oy
Tel. 0500 906 195

Markus Huttunen
The chairman of the board, Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu
Tel. 040 357 3346

Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki
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