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Espoossa, 2.10.2019

JATKAJA to lead generational change at NeXec

Generational change in NeXec ownership

NeXec has grown in its 15 years of operation into one of the most significant providers of process, ICT and management consulting services with an agile and scalable network based model. The company helps to carry through demanding programs and projects for its client companies on change, technology and digitalization. NeXec serves many of Finland’s biggest corporations and organisations.

We want to continue our work for the benefit of our clients and professional network partners also in the long term. To deliver to our promise we have carried out a generational change and expanded the ownership base of Nexec. JATKAJA, key personnel, members of the professional network and individuals with a strong background in corporate development and digitalisation joined in as new owners in the company.

”We are extremely humble and proud of the first 15 year of Nexec with a pleasure of successfully working together with our clients and professional network”, conclude NeXec’s previous owners Tapio Joenpolvi and Tapio Niskanen. “The outlook for the next 15 years seems truly bright from the point of view of the clients, the professional network and our employees. With the generational transition we secure the continuity of the company’s progress”, continue Joenpolvi ja Niskanen.

”In our opinion NeXec is both in the right market, a proponent of the change caused by digitalization, as well delivers the business with a business model of the future”, explains Martin Grotenfelt, found of JATKAJA. “Tapios have done great work as the forerunners applying the network based operation model and stimulating entrepreneurship”, continues Grotenfelt. “I am excited to be able to apply my extensive experience from digitalization together with NeXec’s professional network, clients and modern business model”, comments Markus Huttunen, the new chairman of the board of NeXec and a partner at JATKAJA.

Tapio Niskanen and Tapio Joenpolvi continue in the company to support the new management “in the passing of the baton”. Tapio Niskanen also continues as a minority owner in the company and as a board member. As a part of the generational change NeXec establishes a function called NeXec Network Board to provide a strong viewpoint from the professional network into the company development.

NeXec Oy was founded in 2005 to provide process, ICT and management consulting services. The operational model of the company bases on a network created by over 500 consultant partners. Company’s clients are large and middle-sized companies and organization, who have digitalization related demanding change and development programs. NeXec’s turnover was 12 million euros in the year 2018.

JATKAJA is a development company, which enables entrepreneurial continuity in SMEs. JATKAJA participates actively in the company development and operates and invests for the long term. JATKAJA has an extensive experience in scale-up entrepreneurship, internationalization, modernisation and digitalisation.

Further information:

Tapio Joenpolvi
Founder, NeXec
Puh. 040 761 6515

Markus Huttunen
The Chairman of the Board, NeXec
Puh. 040 357 3346

Martin Grotenfelt
Founder, JATKAJA
Puh. 050 2145

Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki
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