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Kerava, 5.5.2021

Camini, Huoltopalvelut Oy, Sisäilmahuolto Oy Suomi, IAQ Finland ja Nuohouskim merge to become the Finland’s biggest chimney sweeping company

Press release

The Finnish chimney sweeping business takes a lead in digitalization.

The Finnish chimney sweeping is being modernized with big leaps when Camini, Talokuntoonfi, Sisäilmahuolto Oy Suomi, IAQ Finland and Nuohouskim merge their operations under Camini-brand. Camini will have a combined force of almost 50 top professionals in the chimney sweeping and ventilation under the most advanced customer service and operational system.

“Opening the market in 2019 started a strong change in the industry”, says Martin Grotenfelt, the chairman of the board of Camini. “We see this as an opportunity to provide consumers a huge leap in the customer experience by combining the skilled and service oriented professionals with a modern customer service technology and continuous service agreements”, continues Grotenfelt.

“We have developed a digital service platform for home owners since 2016 and the service offering related to it with a special focus on chimney sweeping and ventilation”, tells Daniel Seere, the founder of and the acting executive director of Camini-group. “We concluded fast in our discussions with the representatives of Camini that we shared a common vision of the industry, we both had customers in the core of the operations and saw the modern technology to be the tool to deliver superior customer experience. We believe we will achieve the future we aim for faster and better together”, explains Seere the merger.

The operational concept and the systems of Camini will provide a good framework for the chimney sweeping and ventilation professionals. “Merging with Camini provides us the opportunity to do our work better and more efficiently by letting us to focus more on serving the customers”, conclude Harri Ketonen from IAQ Finland and Kim Räsänen from Nuohouskim. “The broader national coverage in ventilation maintenance supports us in operating with bigger and more challenging ventilation customers”, continue Ketonen and Räsänen., Huoltopalvelut Oy, Sisäilmahuolto Oy Suomi, IQA Finland and Nuohouskim continue to serve their ventilation customers uninterrupted.

Camini is a chimney sweeping and ventilation company operating in the capital region, Pirkanmaan and Kanta-Häme. We employ almost 50 chimney sweeping and ventilation top professionals including 8 master chimney sweepers. system is the foundation of our operations enabling customers to interact with us omnichannel free of time and place restriction and efficient professional to perform their work efficiently. The turnover of Camini is expected to be 4 million euros in the year 2021.,

Further information:

Martin Grotenfelt
the chairman of the board, Camini
Puh: 050 2145

Daniel Seere
founder, acting CEO, Camini
Puh: 050 5086103

Harri Ketonen
head of chimney sweeping, IAQ Finland
Puh: 010 387 7780

Kim Räsänen
CEO, Nuohouskim
Puh: 0400 444 180

Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki
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