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Helsinki, 21.1.2022

The continuity of Cadpool ensured: JATKAJA to carry out generational change

Press release

The company founder Upi Vartiainen and the company management have agreed to carry out a generational change in Cadpool with JATKAJA. JATKAJA is a development company focusing on continuity of SMEs.

Cadpool is a design company with a history of 40 years. Its clients are architectural firms, engineering service companies, ship builders and machine manufacturers. The company serves its clients with a flexible model to provide the needed design skills cost efficiently and rightly timed. Fundamental in Cadpool’s success has been a listening relationship with the clients and an excellent employee management with its own MyWay-approach.

The generational change in the company is carried out to further develop the operations and to continue to serve clients and employees. JATKAJA has become the new majority owner of Cadpool, while Upi Vartiainen and the key personnel continue as minority owners.

”I have enjoyed all the years as an entrepreneur at Cadpool, but everything has its time. I wanted to see the continuation of the operational model at Cadpool and open up the door to develop it further. I got excited when hearing about JATKAJA from my advisor. After getting to know them, I have become confident that the company has a good future under their ownership” tells Upi Vartiainen. 

”Cadpoolilla an interesting approach to serve the market with experienced employees which starts from the will to serve its clients. Cadpool has also understood from the beginning that the employees are the most important asset of the company”, tells Mathias Calonius, COO of Cadpool and the partner at JATKAJA responsible for Cadpoo.”Professional services and digitalization are at the core of JATKAJA competencies. We are optimistic there will be a lot to draw from and to apply also at Cadpool”, continues Calonius.

**Info on Cadpool**

Cadpool Ltd is a design service company founded in the early 1980s. The company employs around 60 employees. The clients are architectural firms, engineering consulting companies, ship builders and machine manufacturers. Cadpoolin turnover was 4 million euros in 2021.


JATKAJA is a development company, which enables the continuity in small and medium sized companies. JATKAJA participates actively to further develop the companies and invests for the long term. JATKAJA has an extensive experience on scale-up entrepreneurship, internationalization, renewal and digitalisation. JATKAJA turnover is assumed to exceed 30 million euros in 2022 and to employ almost 300 employees in its subsidiaries.

Further information:

Mathias Calonius
Cadpool COO, JATKAJA partner
Tel: +358 500 424 090

Upi Vartiainen
founder, Cadpool
Tel: +358 400 501 998

Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki
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