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Camini predecessors Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu and Nokiboys from Hämeenlinna have a history spanning over decades. Camini sprung up from the desire to create a capable and reliable nationwide chimney sweeping and ventilation maintenance company. Camini serves thousands of private customers, apartment houses, companies and publicly owned operations, to whom Camini sweeps and repairs chimneys, ventilation channels and smoke channels.

Camini started from the merger of two chimney sweeping companies. Nokiboys was founded in 2012 by Jukka Matero operated mostly in Hämeenlinna region. Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu was founded by Jyri Sihvo in 1989 was the most important company providing chimney sweeping and ventilation maintenance in Pirkanmaa.

Key information

Fresh air, warm home
Chimney sweeping and ventilation
Daniel Seere, Sanna Raittinen, Jukka Matero
4 M€
Growth in entrepreneurial change:
337 %
Espoo, Hämeenlinna, Kerava and Tampere
Ownership change:
100% of the stock
JATKAJA-contact person:
Martin Grotenfelt p. 050 2145
JATKAJA heard in the spring of 2019 that Jyri Sihvo from Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu had plans to retire. Jyri saw the opportunity to renew the industry, but with younger guard. JATKAJA helped to give birth to the merger of Pirkanmaan Nuohouspalvelu and Nokiboys under a new Camini-brand and started to renew the companies. JATKAJA directs the development efforts of Camini and is actively renewing the company from within together with the company management.
The goal of Camini is to renew the chimney sweeping industry by bringing modern practices, educating the current employees and by actively recruiting new energetic employees to the trade. The industry has been closed for a longtime and we believe the customer service level can be improved.
Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki
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