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Hyvinkää, 6.3.2019

JATKAJA to support the continuity in Vihertaso

Vihertaso Oy has delivered around 1100 landspacing projects in Uusimaa region during its 30 years in operation. Our clients include construction companies, municipalities, cities and superintendent offices. The principles of our operations are to work for the long term customer satisfaction.

We want to retain our smooth operations in the future and improve them if possible to remain as the leader in the industry. This encouraged Vihertaso Oy to strengthen the ownership base and organization. 

Vihertaso Oy has appointed Hanna-Kaisa Javanainen as its new CEO starting from 13.3.2019. Hanna-Kaisa has collected her toolbox from studies at Industrial Engineering and Management at Aalto University and done her career at Skansa and at Nokia before that. 

“It is wonderful to get to work together with Esa, who has enormous experience from the industry and desire to deliver quality work. I am able to apply my experiences and learnings from developing processes and the customer experience to the landscaping industry”, describes Hanna-Kaisa Javanainen, the future CEO, her expectations.

Esa Lahtinen, who has operated Vihertaso successfully for 30 years,  will continues as COO.  Esa’s areas of responsibility will continue to calculate offers and supervise the work quality.

“We have always been known to deliver quality work on time. Bringing in Hanna-Kaisa will enable us to both deliver quality work as well as concurrently progress with the company development”, tells Esa Lahtinen, entrepreneur, Vihertaso

JATKAJA become the majority owner in Vihertaso with the acquisition carried out in February. Hanna-Kaisa Javanainen and Esa Lahtinen will be minority owners. JATKAJA will bring to Vihertaso its experience on scale-up entrepreneurship and on using digitalization to improve internal operations and customer experience.

Our goal is to further improve and broaden the offering in landscaping.

Vihertaso Oy was founded in 1983 and delivers landscaping projects. The delivered projects number over 1000. Construction companies, municipalities, cities and superintendent offices are the company clients. The turnover is around 1,5 million euros.

JATKAJA ( is a development company, which enables entrepreneurial continuity in SMEs. JATKAJA participates actively in the company development and operates and invests for the long term. JATKAJA has an extensive experience in scale-up entrepreneurship, internationalization, modernisation and digitalisation.

Futher information:

Esa Lahtinen
COO, Vihertaso
Tel. 0400 482 274

Hanna-Kaisa Javanainen
CEO, Vihertaso
Tel. 050 486 8492

Mathias Calonius
The chairman of the board, Vihertaso
Tel. 0500 424 090

Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki
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