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Hämeenlinna, 2.5.2018

JATKAJA to take part in the development and continuity at Metsäkonepalvelu Oy

JATKAJA strengthens the ownership base of Metsäkonepalvelu Oy by acquiring a minority stake at the company. The key private owners are not parties in the deal. The bought stake belonged to members of the founding family who didn’t have operational roles in the company. The members of the ownership family who retain their ownership will have an active long-term co-owner in JATKAJA.

“Our company ownership case has remained stable during the company history. Part of the passive owners, who represent a share of 23%, have expressed the will to give up their ownership. We are happy that we founded just JATKAJA as a solution to provide the part-owners to disengage from the ownership. We believe that the active ownership organized by JATKAJA who understand the family companies will both support the company continuity but also help us develop as a company. It will provide security for the future for the other owners, employees and most of all for our customers. The strong customers are at the core of our business. The quality and realibity of delivery are all in all for them. The arrangement provided by JATKAJA strengthens these goals” says Timo Tolppa, CEO of Metsäkonepalvelu.

”JATKAJA aims to solve different kinds of discontinuities in the entrepreneur run Finnish SMEs. We are glad to have the opportunity to take part in the ownership change at Metsäkonepalvelu and in the future development of this great company. I believe that we are able to bring new ideas and solutions as new owners to customer centric service business development” states Martin Grotenfelt, JATKAJA founder and a new board member of Metsäkonepalvelu.

”I appreciate the opportunity provided by JATKAJA to support entrepreneur run SMEs in the operational and ownership changes. Work towards the long term perspective ensures the employment and competitiveness of the companies” adds Seppo Saastamoinen, one of entrepreneur investors of JATKAJA.

Metsäkonepalvelu Oy was founded in 1970 as is the biggest logging company in the Nordics. The company operates in Finland and Sweden. The company produces mechanized harvesting services for its clients. The clients of Metsäkonepalvelu are wood acquisition and service organisations. The company logs over 2 million cubic meters of wood per year. The turnover is around 23 million euros. The group employs around 130 people and has 80 logging machines. The chairman of the board is Mikko Rysä and CEO is Timo Tolppa.

JATKAJA solves discontinuity situations in Finnish SMEs with growth potential, where ageing entrepreneurs are partly or fully disengaging. The future entrepreneur will be looked from a pool of business professional with a desire to be an entrepreneur. Ownership changes are carried out together with investors with entrepreneurial backgrounds. The operational model of JATKAJA bases on the insight that every company, entrepreneur and entrepreneur change is unique and requires a full confidentiality and a tailored case-by-case solution.

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Timo Tolppa, CEO Metsäkonepalvelu Oy, +358 400 574 779
Martin Grotenfelt, Founder JATKAJA, +358 50 2145

Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki
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