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Porvoo, 15.8.2019

GreenWorks Oy continues its operations as part of Vihertaso


GreenWorks was founded by Kai Niemi, a second generation landscaping entrepreneur, in 2009 to deliver landscaping projects. The company has delivered a stable 1 million euros profitable business. During the past year it was a time for Kai to decide about the future of his company as his core team had shrunk due to retirements.

”I have always operated independently and achieved good results. I have had a tight operational team around me. I felt that it would be motivating and instructive, if I had other people around me, with whom we could plan and build the business”, says Kai Niemi.

GreenWorks merges with Vihertaso and strengthens the construction serivces of Vihertaso. Kai’s role at Vihertaso will be to act as a project leader being responsible for the offer calculations and instructing the field workers. Kai will also become a minority owner of Vihertaso as part of the merger. JATKAJA-company continues as the majority owner.

”Kai has achieved exceptional financial results with his company. We most certainly have a lot to learn from his operational models. In return we can offer Kai the common quality assurance approaches of Vihertaso as well as co-workers with an urge to develop further”, tells Mathias Calonius, a partner at JATKAJAn and the chairman of the board of Vihertaso Oy.

GreenWorks Oy ( is a landscaping company founded in 2009. The company serves mainly construction companies in their greenfield projects. The company turnover is around 1,1 million euros.

JATKAJA ( is a development company, which enables entrepreneurial continuity in SMEs. JATKAJA participates actively in the company development and operates and invests for the long term. JATKAJA has an extensive experience in scale-up entrepreneurship, internationalization, modernisation and digitalisation.

Futher information:

Hanna-Kaisa Javanainen
CEO, Vihertaso
Tel. 050 486 8492

Kai Niemi
Project Director, Vihertaso – former CEO of GreenWorksin
Tel. 040 529 3120

Bulevardi 5, 00120 Helsinki
Business Id